Turriff Show Hosts The Ryeland Scottish National and the Aberdeen Angus Summer National

This summer on Sunday 30th and Monday 31st July, The Scottish Ryeland National and The Aberdeen-Angus Society’s Summer National will be hosted by north east Scotland’s two-day agricultural event, Turriff Show

The head of a large Aberdeen Agnus Bull, supreme champion 2022 at the Turriff show wearing all his rosettes

Robert Gilchrist, Chief Executive Officer of The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society said:

“The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society is delighted to hold once again our Summer National at the Turriff Show, we always get a great welcome at the Haughs. We are looking forward to a great entry from some of the top herds in both the area and indeed the country.” 

The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society is the regulator of Aberdeen-Angus cattle in the UK, ensuring the provenance, quality, and progression of the breed. The Society has been active since 1879, focusing on breeding quality bulls and cows that produce premium quality meat.  

For centuries, the Aberdeen-Angus breed has been commemorated as the world’s leader in the cattle breeding industry when looking for top quality output and manageable cattle. In today’s world, the term ‘Aberdeen-Angus’ is recognised with so much more than just a premium quality cattle breed, it is globally known as the leading beef brand. Locally known as ‘hummlies’ and ‘doddies’, the Aberdeen-Angus breed was developed in the 19th century from the polled and predominantly black cattle of northeast Scotland. 

Whilst in as strong a position as the breed has ever been, it is the aim of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society to play a key role in safeguarding the industry and driving its future. The Society sets the industry standard around traceability and authentication through its Sire Verification Programme, while the Aberdeen-Angus Youth Development Programme is shaping the industry leaders for years to come. 

This year’s National show is being Judged by Angus Stovold of the Rosemead Herd in Surrey. He is the immediate Past President of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society. 

two Ryeland sheep facing the camera

Chairman of The Scottish Ryeland Group Susan Bryden said:

“The Scottish Ryeland Group is delighted to bring its annual championship to the north east of Scotland this year. We are extremely grateful to Turriff Show for hosting our championship event for a second time.” 

 The Scottish Ryeland Group is an independent social group supporting the work of the breeds’ governing body, the Ryeland Flock Book Society. 

The Ryeland Flock Book Society was founded in 1903, a time that saw the establishment of a considerable number of our traditional sheep breed societies. Today, the Ryeland Flock Book Society has in the region of 1000 members made up of Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland breeders. Their aim is to encourage and safeguard pure breeding of Ryeland’s worldwide. 

 Whilst the precise origin of Ryeland sheep has been lost in time, it is suggested that Ryeland’s derive from the Spanish Merino sheep. Aside from their fine fleeces, Ryeland’s are in high recognition for their quality carcasses. Ryeland Sheep sometimes produce coloured lambs. Coloured Ryeland’s do not carry a gene for whiteness and so, when bred together, always produce coloured lambs.  

The Scottish Ryeland National Show is holding the Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland classes at this year’s Turriff show. Both classes will be judged by Mr Tom Redmayne from near Carlisle.  

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