What is the future of Scotland & the UK?

Gerry Hassan and Alec Ross in conversation at the Gatehouse of Fleet Big Lit Festival 2023.

In this discussion held on Thursday 27th of July, Gerry Hassan, Professor of Social Change at Glasgow Caledonian University and Alec Ross, Biocell Agri Business and writer for The Orkney News, delve into the politics of Scotland, past, present and future.

Issues were based around Gerry’s latest book Scotland Rising: The Case for Independence. pub: Pluto Press.

The conversation flowed easily as Gerry and Alec reflected on the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and why there has never been any research based analysis on why the case of Independence did not win on the day.

But it was more than just looking back. This discussion was asking serious questions of ourselves.

Do we want to be the Scotland we tell people we are?

This was a mature thoughtful and thought provoking discussion acknowledging the fears of many voters when it comes to a question of perceived risk – whether to remain in a UK forever on the periphery of decision making – or to choose an independent Scotland. Choices which are both risky, for there are always intentional and unintentional consequences when there is great constitutional change

Big Lit is a superb literary festival now in its 14th year and attracting some of our finest writers. It is a testament to what a small community ‘with a big heart and huge ambitions’ can do.

You can listen to the conversation here on Sound Cloud, it is followed by a Q & A, recorded by Alec Ross.

The front cover of Scotland Rising by Gerry Hassan, The Case for Independence

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