Walking Orkney: Orphir Coastal Path

Walking from the Bu to Breck.

the view from the coastal path at The Bu across to Houton

For this circular walk we parked at the Earl’s Bu, Orphir but, of course you can park at The Breck and take the route the other way round.

This walk is part of the St Magnus Way and so you will see markers for that route on your pathway.

The path skirts the edge of the graveyard to a gate leading to the coastal path.

stone bridge pathway over the burn at the Bu Orphir

As you can see from the pictures it was a lovely day and we had this walk all to ourselves.

We were surprised that the pathway was quite overgrown and those with mobility issues would find some of the going difficult.

The views, however, are stunning.

view across the Bay from the coastal path with a fine day and still seas

For those of you who have done this walk before, the old wooden bench is still there about half way round this walk.

Much of this coastline is seriously affected by coastal erosion and the path takes a slight turn so that you will be walking between a low stone dyke and the edge of the cliff.

You can either continue along the coastal path or you can take another turn which leads away from the coastline and up to the small car parking area for Breck.

signpost for The Bu at Breck surrounded by purple heather

From this point on you will be walking on the single track round and winding your way back to The Bu.

This is a relatively quiet road lined in parts with bramble bushes, rosa rugosa and trees.

trees on either side of the road forming a tunnel of greenery for you to walk through

Arriving back at the centre there is plenty to look at there if you have time, including the remains of a Norse water mill and the Jarl’s Hall. There are also toilets at the centre. The place is immaculate and there is a donation box if you would like to contribute to its upkeep.

The Bu centre  with a signpost for the round church

This is a wonderful walk to do as much or as little of it as you want to.

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