Walking Scotland: The Dog Falls, Glen Affric

A gentle walk uphill through woodland.

The information sign for The Dog Falls

To get to this walk in Glen Affric you drive up a single track bendy road. Use the passing places to allow other vehicles to pass.

There is a well signposted carpark, which even in late September can get quite busy. This car park has a machine at which you can deposit some coins for using it. Which we did because it helps to maintain the tracks, roads and paths in this magnificent woodland.

There is a choice of different routes you can take depending on difficulty. Due to the age of our dog we took track one, the white route.

a pool of peaty coloured water surrounded by the growth of the woodland

There had been several days of rain and the woodland was lush with a spectacular array of colours.

On route one the path is wide and firm underfoot. In the helpful information leaflets you can pick up it describes this a ‘moderately steep’. If you tire, take your time for there is much to see and appreciate along this path.

Route 1 leads to the viewpoint. To get to the viewpoint you depart from this main path and negotiate stone steps.

It is stunning.

view from the point, through the trees to the hills and mountains beyond

This short walk through beautiful woodland is magical.

An array of different autumnal shade and sizes of trees and undergrowth

Here’s a short video of what we saw.

The Sandwick Stroller

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