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The Peedie Retreat’s Build Fund Reaches an Astounding £118,000

 The Peedie Retreat, gets closer with Orkney support , this is the  Orkney charity with the ambition of building and running a fully accessible, bespoke, accommodation for Orkney residents affected by Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. To be built at Inganess Beach a natural and stunning location. The fund has seen n Increase of over £18,000 in 11 weeks.

The digital visualisation of the North Facing aspect which will look directly at the hull of the Sprucol the wreck in Inganess bay which was renamed the Juniata when she was decommissioned from the Royal Navy

This inspirational building will offer a place where Orkney people facing medical conditions will be able to come with their families, friends and loved ones, to be together and enjoy a break FREE OF CHARGE away from their worries and challenges.

The first boost of the last amazing 11 weeks  came from Energy Action Scotland EAS with a totally out of the blue donation, whilst also helping over 30 people in Orkney with  Multiple sclerosis to  have a warmer and improved energy rating for winter 2024 and beyond. The Peedie retreat was honoured to be nominated as the charity to receive the amazing boost of £5,000 to help create The Peedie Retreat’s superb Energy efficient building, designed by Colin Begley.  

The good news kept coming with Kirkwall Flower club’s generosity and proceeds of the Lorena Dyer “Lipstick Powder and Paint” stunning Flower demonstration at KGS on the 19th July , organised by the Kirkwall Flower  club with Barry Gray’s production and staging.

The Peedie Retreat’s fundraising Team  AKA “The A TEAM” flew into action over the shows, after sourcing prizes for The Peedie Retreat’s “Pirate Treasure Fundraiser” where  local businesses gave generously , donating prizes and raising a phenomenal £8,750 in just 8 weeks

The Tickets for the Tesco Trolly Dash  2023 were also released for the first time to the Orkney public.

John Cordock and Reuben Johnston on The Boy Ryan

The summer fundraising fun continued, where John Cordock, Douglas Montgomery & Marcus Cordock with an array of local talented musicians  brought music to the waves on The Boy Ryan in Burray, a brilliant musical entertainment evening, honouring the charity.

The Charity ended the summer with what can only called a mammoth public effort.

The Peedie Retreat’s “ New to You” sale held at Veltigar Cottage Event shed, courtesy of the Paterson Family with the support of St Andrews community centre and Team Highland Park , was an astounding success,  folks donated their good as new unloved items and with a mini Auction supported with Antique goods donated from Inga Croy and Naomi Preston and Imogen Kerr the events raised £3756  in a mere 20 hours of sales.

Kirkwall Airport Security guards boosted the “New to You” total to £4,000 by donating £244 from the sale of good as new books at Kirkwall Airport to travellers.

And it does not stop there Jeanne Bouza Rose, the Ness of Brodgar resident archaeological artist, is currently selling her paintings from “The Over the Edge Exhibition” where a percentage of the proceeds this year will be shared between The Ness of Brodgar and The Peedie Retreat.

Every penny raised from all the event events will help to build Orkney’s very own Peedie Retreat for Orkney people facing the challenges of Cancer and MS, and is building from the already phenomenal support for the build with pledges of materials professional services and time, and all the people who have done fundraisers honouring  the charity.

There is still a bit to go to raise the funding for the project total of £286,000 but this has really been an amazing effort by all involved.

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  1. I often forget that I can do Blogger ‘likes’ – something like this reminds me – though the word ‘like’ hardly covers the admiration I have for this venture an all involved in it.

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