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Last Day to Purchase OVER THE EDGE Original Art Works

Online Sale Ends Midnight TODAY

Jeanne Bouze Rose

“Many of my originals have found new and happy homes.  From Southampton University to Brisbane, Australia, expressions of the landscape and stonescape around the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney have been posted away. 

 “A number are still available, particularly works on paper which are watercolours and often, I added in the earth around the site.  I am still amazed I managed to do a number of watercolour in the windy area of the Ness.

I have to end the sale as I am heading over to Woodstock, New York to teach my annual workshop in the Orkney Woodcut. If you are interested in joining me, please look at this link for the Woodstock School of Art.     https://bit.ly/46z8yE4

LAST DAY to Purchase OVER THE EDGE Originals

Inside one of the structures excavating
“Andy in Orange Inside and Working.”

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