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Petition Launched to Relocate Peedie Sea Fireworks to Protect Swans

A petition has been launched to relocate the annual bonfire and fireworks display from the Peedie Sea, Kirkwall, over concerns for the welfare of the swans and other wildlife that live there.

Started by Kelly Sinclair the petition says

“Please sign this petition if you would like to see us move the location of our local fireworks display or at least try silent fireworks in future. 

Bonfire night can be a special occasion for adults and children alike but for our swan population it can be a very traumatic event. Every year the public gathers to witness our swans fly around the night sky terrified of both the fire works and the bonfire. 

There are approximately 50 swans located at The Peedie Sea at the moment and we need to take action to start protecting them from this horror. 

After this years event we had at least a dozen swans flying around above the crowd and narrowly missing the display itself. We also had a signet turn up in a car park and required help to get back to The Peedie Sea. This location clearly isn’t working for our wildlife and something needs to change.”

Click this link to access the petition: Relocate Kirkwall bonfire to protect our Swans.

Image credit Noel Donaldson

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  1. I’ll mention that it’s not just swans – there are lots of other birds at the Peedie Sea. We are fortunate to have a place like that so near to Kirkwall. Old and young and folk who don’t have cars can walk there and see the wildlife – all of it.

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