EU Ready to Sign Huge Trade Deal with Canada

The parliament of the European Union is set to vote on a huge trade deal with Canada (CETA). The deal has already been agreed by the EU’s International Trade Committee.

CETA is a free trade agreement which will be debated in the EU Parliament in February.



Goods and services trades CETA will remove tariffs on most traded goods and services. It also provides for the mutual recognition of certification for a wide range of products. This means that if an EU firm wants to export toys, for example, it will only need to get its product tested once, in Europe, to obtain a certificate that is valid for Canada, thus saving time and money.

Canada is to open up its public procurement markets at both federal and municipal levels. EU service suppliers ranging from maritime services through telecoms and engineering to environmental services and accountancy are to benefit from access to the Canadian market.

Safeguards for agricultural goods and environmental/social standards In negotiations, the EU secured protection for over 140 European geographical indications for food and drinks sold on the Canadian market. Sustainable development provisions were included to maintain environmental and social standards.The domestic right to regulate will be retained.

Exceptions   The CETA deal will not remove tariff barriers for public services, audiovisual and transport services and a few agricultural products, such as dairy, poultry and eggs.

The Orkney News will report on the progress of the CETA deal and its implications for businesses in Orkney as the UK prepares to exit the EU.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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