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I do hope you enjoyed lasts weeks poem “An Orkney Odyssey” from Paul Colvin. As we have not yet received a poem from anybody I shall draw on another one from our resident poet Paul.

With next week being Valentines why not put pen to paper and scribe a poem in tribute to Cupid, no need to hide behind a bushel budding poets as you can write under a pseudonym if you would prefer.

In anticipation of  all the love bombing surrounding the run up to Valentines day I thought I would choose a poem from the other end of the love spectrum.

Good luck with the writing and I look forward to hearing from you.


Severed Love – Poem by PAUL COLVIN

The deep pain sleeps, it hurts nae mair
This broken heart is heavy sair
For I have lost my love sae fair
She’s taken wi’ anither.

My eyes are closed but blood still seeps
This severed heart now aching, weeps
And in my mind dullness sweeps
Nae longer we’re thegither.

The open road I’ll wander by
And sleep beneath its starry sky
A loneliness without reply
For I hae found nae ither.


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