£160,818 for Sanday Development Trust

Sanday Development Trust is one of 11 community groups to share £2.1 million to develop community spaces.

The Scottish Government’s Scottish Land Fund has awarded the 11 projects a total of £2.1 million to allow local groups to purchase land for community ownership.

Land Reform Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, said:

“The Scottish Government’s draft budget not only protects, but increases the budget for land reform so that even more communities can take ownership of their land, making them stronger, resilient and more sustainable.”

“I am delighted that so many groups around Scotland now have the opportunity to control the land that matters to them and redevelop it as a more useful and sustainable resource. I am especially keen to see that urban groups are beginning to take advantage of the changes to the Community Right to Buy legislation and in the Scottish Land Fund”.

“This funding marks a milestone for many local communities who have worked hard to design and present successful business cases for the future of their land resources.”


Sanday, Orkney

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