Were your relatives caught up in the Christchurch fire, New Zealand ?  

Ours was, one of them was in the 1400 or so evacuees when the bush fires took hold. What started as two fires merged into one, raged for three days and devastated over 2000 Ha destroying several homes.  There was one death. Tragically one of the firefighting  pilots was killed when the helicopter he was flying crashed. He was the sole occupant. At this time no details have been released to the identity of the pilot killed.

The fire is out now thankfully and they have had a little rain. People have been allowed back to their homes – where they still exist. One resident spoke of watching his house burn.


Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade members

The picture is courtesy of Rollaston Fire Service ,one of many small Fire services just like our one in Kirkwall called in to help. These men and women worked solidly for the three exhausting days .

Reporter: Nick Morrison



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