Anti Trump Demo in Kirkwall

On a cold Monday, the  20th February, a group of about 35 protesters met on the steps of the iconic St Magnus Cathedral to protest against US President Donald Trump. What could have brought these people from the warmth of their firesides , away from their dinners to stand in the dark of an Orkney evening?

The protesters are from a group called Orkney Resists, formed in the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to ban people from 7 countries and all those granted refugee status  from entering the US. A decision which was met with worldwide shock and condemnation and later overturned.


Anti Trump Demonstrators in Orkney 

Hayley Green and George Vickers, organisers of the group, handed out postcards which were filled in by those attending and which will be sent to President Trump. Although the protest was much smaller than the previous one on the 30th January, the organisers are not downhearted and are planning events to take place in March.

An anti Trump event was also held  in Westray to coincide with the Kirkwall one.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. I will be visiting Orkney when Trump is in UK in June. Will there be a protest in Kirkwall to join?

    • I haven’t heard of one but the organisers have a Facebook page called Orkney Resists if you are on Facebook you could ask there

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