New Orkney Case Worker for SSAFA

The Orkney Military Veterans Breakfast Club held its monthly meet last Saturday at Treats & Eats in Main St Kirkwall.

Carl Mullins ,one of our members is about to become a new case worker for SSAFA the Armed Forces Charity which has been running since 1885. 42,000 soldiers have been sacked in recent years so the case load has gone up. The Freephone No for SSAFA is 0800 731 4880.

There are quite few pictures going the rounds of Social Media of homeless soldiers on the streets with the point that the soldiers Theresa May has recently put on the streets is far from a recent phenomenon. With 24, 000 from the army alone plus additions from the Navy and RAF were sacked by Theresa May in her term as Home Secretary. What is also significant is that the number of armed troops she has deployed is almost identical to the number of armed Police officers she also sacked.

Simon Brodie, the organizer of the club says the clubs dynamic has changed. In the early meetings it was a bunch of ex service people having a chat and a good breakfast. Now it’s becoming more of a self help organisation with help with building projects and the like happening round the breakfast table.

Reporter: Nick Morrison

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