Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part III: Conception

Frae aw the sources experts claim

Maist likely that the forbears came

Whae made oor native land their hame

It’s often felt,

That frae the wife  Japhet’s wame

Came first the Celt.


conception 001

Scotland Forever

An verily as numbers grew

An ethnic tribes socht pastures new

That Japhethites whae furthest flew

Were far the best,

As high their Freedom banners blew

Abune the rest.


Thus oot the grim, primeval mud

But fechtin as nae ithers haud

Through fiery flame an ragin flood

Owre Scythian plain,

Their passin marked wi trails o bluid

They came tae Spain.


conception 001

Scotland Forever

God kens how mony years hae passed

Syne owre frae Spain they came at last

Tae sic a lan as nane surpassed

A precious gem,

Like them, as steedy in the blast

An ill tae tame.


Owre aw this lan o ruggit norm,

This product o volcanic corm,

Scoored deep wi ice an vi’lent storm

In Strath an Glen,

They bred sweet quines o gracious form

An warlike men.


conception 2 001

Scotland Forever

But Irish, Picts an Britons focht

An poo’er owre ither Celtics socht

As mixtures in genetics wrocht

A meltin pot,

That spiced wi ither races brocht

Embryo Scot.


Mair bluidy wars an grim pursuits

Saw Angle, Dane an Viking brutes

Brocht doon like owre-ripened fruits

Rot where they fell,

But o the Picts o Celtic roots

Left nane tae tell.



Scotland Forever

Freed o the Roman an the  Dane,

The Angle gone an Viking slain,

Though relics o them aw remain

Nae Scots complete,

Till nobles o the Norman strain

Came North tae meet.


As legend upon legend feeds

An  Saint Columba’s supercedes

Beliefs an rites o pagan creeds

The Scottish Faith

Wis followed where Saint Andrew leads

Tae very daith.



Scotland Forever

This Faith tae which maist Scots adhere

Has bled them sair an cost them dear

When Christian words an Christian steer

Frae men twae-faced,

Wrocht measure by religious fear

That God debased.

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Scotland Forever

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