Orkney Veterans’ Breakfast Club

This was my second breakfast with the Orkney Veterans’ Club. This takes place on the last Saturday of each month. The company and banter is great, the memories of the past come flooding back. There were great times and bad times for all to remember, that’s why these meeting are so good. We respect each other and trust seems to come flooding back, as you are back amongst true friends who understand. The patter is great, the stories are wild and so they should be, it releases your memories good or bad. Listening to each other around the table, telling tales of dastardly deeds and hilarious pranks on your best mates, while eating a very tasty full fry or a requested dish that “Eat n Treats” will do their best to supply, is a brilliant way to spend a Saturday morning. There is a first time for everything so veteran or serving now, come along and be part of the family again.

Here is a picture from Saturday 25th August 2017.20170826_102843

From the left: Mark,Bob,Simon,Kenny,Carl,David, Ken,Robert and Les.

Cheers guys, look forward to next month.

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Kenny Armet


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