Does the Scottish Budget Support Equality Issues?

DiversityMembers of the public and organisations are being asked to submit their views about whether they think the budget arrangements of the Scottish Government are supporting the work of equality and human rights issues in Scotland.

Equalities and Human Rights Committee (EHRCC) Convener, Christina McKelvie MSP, said:

“The Scottish Government’s budget is over £30billion a year. That money presents a significant opportunity to advance the cause of equalities.”

“We are looking for submissions across a wide range of areas. We know that spending in many budget areas, from education, to local government, to our rural communities, can all have an impact on equalities, so all views will be listened to.”

The Committee is seeking views on:

  • If the Scottish Government’s Budget for 2017-18 reflected its stated priorities (as set out in the National Performance Framework), and if not, how these could better be reflected.
  • How any additional resources in the 2018/19 budget could be most effectively deployed?
  • If further savings are required in the 2018-19 budget, where these should be found?
  • Is sufficient information available to support scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s budget on the protection and advancement of equalities and human rights?

The committee is also interested to hear how you think the new tax and social security powers devolved to Scotland will affect people.

To contribute your views you can e:mail


Equalities and Human Rights Committee
Room T2.60
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

Twitter: @SP_EHRiC


You can ring us: 0131 348 5223 or 0131 348 6040

Closing date for submissions is 6pm 20th October 2017.

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