Sgathaich:Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

SgathaichTime for a tone shock, after all those weeks of horror it’s time for a fun slice of life comedy anime with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (yes I know it’s going up right after Halloween and for international readers it may still be Halloween). So let’s look into this fun little story.

What are you expecting, some teen hero still in highschool? Nope the lead character Miss Kobayashi is an adult woman in her mid to late twenties, lives on her own and has an office job. She wakes up one morning getting ready for work while having a hangover when opening the door a massive dragon is looking right at her. While our lead is trying reasonably to come to terms if this is reality the dragon suddenly turns into a maid with dragon wings tail and horns.

Turns out while drunk Kobayashi (who despite being a sensible person is rather obsessed with maids, and proper maids at that not the kind you get in maid cafes or cosplay) wandered into the mountains, saved the dragon (whose name is Tohru) life bonded with her and asked her to live with her as her maid. Now logically Kobayashi apologizes that she can’t keep that promise until she realizes that she’s going to be late and asks Tohru to fly her to work, and thus Koboyashi got her dragon maid.

The series is 13 episodes long and each episode is split into little stories that no doubt were chapters of the manga. Amusingly there are mini little gag sequences that seem to have come out of a 4-koma (a 4 panel joke comic). Throughout the show more characters and dragons are introduced such as fan favourite Kanna who ends up essentially Miss Kobayashi’s daughter, Fafnir who gets obsessed with Dark Souls (yes that game) and moves in with Kobayashi’s work friend, Lukoa and Elma as well as a good cast of human characters though it usually comes down to one major human for every major dragon.

The series takes place over a good amount of time, so you can see how the friendship between Kobayashi and Tohru takes place and the family they make with Kanna. Despite Kobayashi’s maid obsession she comes down as a very reasonable and sensible person and thus very easy to relate to, especially as those who have left to live on their own know because who doesn’t get passionate about something? You also See Tohru being very good at socializing with people very quickly and of course Kanna being the adorable devourer of life.

As mentioned since this show’s lead is not some late teen character still in school but rather a grown woman it felt very different and more relatable and thus much more fresh than other slice of life shows. It actually felt like someone’s life. Just with a bunch of magical dragons in it with Dragon Ball Z level power.

Definitely one to check out, especially when it eventually gets on DVD (watched it through funimations streaming service).

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear


By Coolkyoushinja [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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