Manse Stane Walk 18th November

Join Sarah Jane Gibbon, Dan Lee and Tommy Matches for a walk to some of the Manse Stane sites in Birsay on Sat 18th November 1am to 3pm. The walk is part of the Mapping Magnus Project.

Visit the only surviving Manse Stane at Strathyre, Twatt, and some of the stone sites along Northside, Birsay.

Manse Stanes mark the places where the body of Magnus was rested on its journey from Egilsay across West Mainland Orkney to Birsay, and finally Kirkwall.

You can find out more about these less well-known but important Medieval sites by joining the team for a walk through the landscape of  Magnus at 11am on 18th November starting at Birsay Hall, Orkney.

Tommy Matches from Birsay Heritage Trust, Dr Sarah Jane Gibbon and Dan Lee from the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute will begin by visiting the only surviving Manse Stane at Strathyre, Twatt, Orkney.

The team will then continue to the Manse Stane site at Crustan and then try and locate some Manse Stone sites along the coast during a short walk at Northside using oral histories and local knowledge. Throughout, the team will discuss recent research concerning the story of Magnus and the results of the Mapping Magnus project so far, and explore Magnus related places in the landscape.

The walk is free and will give participants an opportunity to learn more about these important historical sites…..and of course take in the breathtaking scenery of this part of West Mainland Orkney.

  • Meeting place: Birsay Hall, Orkney
  • Date: 18th November
  • Time: 11am
  • All welcome
  • Free event

As ever, dress for the weather (waterproofs and stout footwear/wellies are essential!) and bring a packed lunch. Ground conditions are likely to be wet and boggy in places, so be prepared. The walk will end at 3pm. There will be a minibus to drive everyone between the main sites and the short walk at Northside.

There is no need to book, but let the organisers know  and contact details should plans change due to the weather –

You can download information here Mapping Magnus Northside Manse Stane walk.

Bonnie Birsay

Bonnie Birsay 27/07/2017 (F Grahame)


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