Orkney NHS Beats Scot Gov A & E Targets

Latest A&E waiting time statistics have shown that NHS Orkney met its four hour waiting time target during the first week of November – with 95.7% being seen, admitted or discharged within four hours, beating the Scottish Government’s 95% target.

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP said:

Maree Todd

Maree Todd MSP Minister for Childcare and Early Years.

“It is extremely encouraging that Emergency Departments in NHS Orkney have met the four hour waiting times target, with the latest figures showing that 95.7% of patients are being seen within four hours.

 “Hitting A&E targets so consistently and for so long is a huge achievement, which should not be underestimated.

“The Scottish Government has put record investment and increased levels of staffing into hospitals, including an extra £14 million for health boards this year to improve unscheduled care and £5 million to support winter resilience – which will be vital as we head towards colder weather over the next few months.

 “We will always value the vital work done by our NHS staff – and we should always celebrate their success and continue to support their efforts in Orkney”

A report  into the use of targets and indicators in Scotland by Sir Harry Burns, the former Chief Medical Officer, concludes that Health and Care targets should better reflect the overall quality in the  care of people.

It concludes that although the current targets have improved provision in some areas:

The present system of targets and indicators is fragmented and many of the indicators do not lend themselves to effective improvement interventions. A different approach to targets and indicators is necessary.”

And continues:

It is recommended that we move to a system of indicators and targets which allow improvements across a whole system of care to be tracked. It is important that frontline staff, managers accountable for performance and the people who use services coproduce the activities which they can then use to drive improvement.”

 “Scottish public services are effective and efficient. A new approach to improving those services can deliver further success in comparison to many other systems.”

 Councillor Peter Johnston, COSLA’s Health and Social Care Spokesperson, said:

care“We welcome Sir Harry’s report and believe that it provides the foundations for a new approach to developing and using targets and indicators across the health and social care system.”

 “This is vital if we are to achieve the transformational change that is needed to place health and social care services on a sustainable footing into the future and ensure we are focused on the impact of services on people’s lives. “

The Scottish Government intends to retain the current targets, for cancer treatment, A&E, and the Treatment Time Guarantee with modifications inline with the recommendations of the report. Improving the public health and the experience of care will be the focus of the Government’s reforms.


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  1. I have been fortunate to have had only the briefest of interactions with the Balfour A&E department, and based on that one experience I would be surprised if the targets are not met every day, such was their efficiency. But perhaps it is not always like this?

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