Hogmanay High Seas for Hirta Crew

By Nick Morrison


Nick Morrison

Hirta is a Fisheries Protection vessel pictured here berthed in Kirkwall.

The crew were hoping to spend Hogmanay in Kirkwall but an agreement between the EU and the Faroes has meant that the Faroese come into UK waters to fish for mackerel.

Agreement Between the Faroe Islands and the EU 2018


3.2 The Delegations agreed to grant reciprocal access for 2018 to one another’s waters as follows:

  • The European Union is granted access to fish 30,877 tonnes of its 2018 catch limit in Faroese waters
  • The Faroe Islands are granted access to fish 30,877 tonnes of their 2018 catch limit in EU waters of ICES Sub-area 6a north of 56* 30’N1 

The Hirta will leave port at 07.00 Hrs to monitor the situation , so spare a wee thought for the crew.

Here it is worth pointing out that one of the key UK representatives on the EU Fisheries committee is a certain Mr Farage! He has only attended ONE out of 30+ meetings up to the Brexit Referendum, so it would appear that any UK and in this case mostly Scottish interests were probably not even considered.

So Scottish fishermen appear to have been sold down the river By Westminster yet again.

See also: The Faroes: Self Governing Islands

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  1. Well I have been a bit undecided about the brexit …. Can see arguement for both sides but that’s me firmly decided ……. Stuff the EU if these tossers think it’s acceptable for let the barbaric scum of Faroe fish in our waters then they are beyond contempt ….. Encouraging a blatent international law breaker is unforgivable . Hirta should ram and sink every Faroe scum ship that invades our waters

  2. My gripe with the Faroe Islands is that they pointlessly round up and slaughter dolphins. That makes me think that no one should agree with the Faroese about anything, until they stop doing that!

    • totally agree bernie – i hate faroe for exactly that reason …. its disgusting that those claiming to represent us either do not have the balls to sort them out or are corruptly involved with that vermin island – certainly some local politicians seem obsessed with doing deals with faroe which is obscene and i find deeply suspicious of their motives ……… and those nameless OIC members refuse to answer ant questions about the subject ……

  3. well well weell. I have made some enquiries about this subject with someone who has very good connections especially in the anti faroe camp and the reply i got was : “The Scot Gov has been cozying up with the Faroes and all the Nordic nations
    Looking at developing trade and fisheries / resources cooperation etc
    So it isn’t a Westminster thing…the Scot gov are going far further at building trade with the Scandinavian nations including whaling Norway, Faroes and Greenland
    The last meetings between them were quite recently in Edinburgh”
    So maybe the orkney news should do some more research and post an update – as just maybe this story , instead of implying that eu and westminster are sell us out to scum …… it could be the SNP scottish government are screwing us all ……….. i would appreciate a reply on this as its potentially as serious as carmichaels bare faced lies of a while ago …..

  4. Nick’s comment re Farage’s non-attendance at Fisheries committee meetings is important. UKIP had 24 MEPs with an agenda of non attendance at any committee meetings. Therefore, when policy affecting the UK was being decided, we were not represented. UKIP has the worst voting record of any EU party, less than 63%.
    We hear a great deal about “faceless bureaucrats in Brussels” stitching us up but, of course, they only enact policy agreed upon by the MEPs and if we elect MEPs who don’t attend policy meetings then we can’t complain. Interesting to note Mr Farage has decided to accept his generous EU pension, hypocritical or what!
    It’s ironic that the hero of the right, Sir Winston Churchill, worked so hard to stop Germany controlling Europe, now the right are handing Europe over without a whimper. White feathers all round!

  5. Nick Morrison’s article has developed into something which covers a number of serious subjects – very serious subjects. I’m not belittling the seriousness of …….dolphin and pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands, the shenanigans of either the Westminster government, the Holyrood government, or any other governments or politicians who indulge in shenanigans, or the evasiveness and self-serving of some of OIC or any other Council. These lines of discussion have been covered in The Orkney News before, and will probably be written of again.
    I’m introducing something which isn’t trivializing the issues – it’s humorous. But, as with much of what is effective humour, it is also telling. Re. Mr Farage. I refer to him as Ferengi, because………


    This definition could be applied to many politicians, Councils, governments, and…unfortunately…… just ….people.

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