Pomona Leading the Way with Reusable Mugs

Pomona mug

photo N Morrison

The Pomona Cafe and Guest House in Kirkwall, Orkney have introduced reusable mugs in an initiative to reduce the number of disposable takeaway containers being used.

Colin Muir of the Pomona explained that the mugs cost £4 with the business not making any money out of them. What he wants is for folk to reuse them when they buy a takeaway hot drink from the cafe.

The Pomona does a lot the recycling including reducing its food waste. Colin simply takes home what cannot be used and where appropriate it goes to feed his hens. It’s a win win as the hens produce eggs which are used for his famous breakfasts in the Guest House and cafe and for home bakes.


Colin grows much of the fresh produce that is used in the meals at the Pomona in his own garden. You can’t get much fresher than that.

He is also looking at replacing plastic takeaway cutlery with wooden products and biodegradable containers suitable for food.

This is an Orkney business making real changes in order to  recycle, reuse and reduce.

Colin Muir Pomona

Colin Muir of the Pomona Cafe and Guest House

Reporter: Fiona Grahame





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