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Local SNP MSP Maree Todd is asking the people of Orkney to participate in a new consultation from the Scottish Government which is looking at loneliness and isolation within our communities.

The consultation which shall run until 30 April shall form a new National  strategy, one of the first in the world to help tackle loneliness and isolation.

Views are also being encouraged to help build on the Scottish Government’s work ensuring those at risk can access the correct support organisations.

The National strategy has been welcomed by the Jo Cox Commision.

When asked Maree Todd said, “It’s important that voices from Scotland’s islands get involved in the Scottish Government’s consultation to help shape the new loneliness and isolation strategyespecially since each and every one of us has a role to play in reducing loneliness in Scotland.”
“Dealing with loneliness and isolation can be incredibly difficult, especially in places like Orkney where even the next nearest house can be distant, and by reaching out to our neighbours or anyone we think may be at risk of becoming isolated or lonely – by taking them out, doing a good deed or simply having a chat – we can all have a hugely positive impact.”
” Young or old- loneliness doesn’t discriminate and it is linked to both poor physical and mental health, and can have wide-ranging consequences on so many aspects of our lives.”
“The SNP Government will be the first country in the UK and one of the first in the world to develop a national strategy to address loneliness and isolation, but this strategy needs our communities and society to lead the way in ensuring those at risk of loneliness get the support they need. I would encourage as many people throughout Orkney to have a say on this very important issue by contributing to the consultation.”

In Orkney the Scottish Government’s Social Isolation and Loneliness Strategy Consultation  is on the 27th February, which they would encourage people living in Orkney’s communities to come along and have their say. 

One thing for sure is, that loneliness takes many forms but in all its forms it can be crippling.

For people that find themselves in these situations there is professional help at hand here are a few links:

Homestart Orkney


CAMHS Scotland Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Community Mental Health services Orkney

The Silver Line Helpline is a free helpline for older people

The Samaritans Orkney

The Samaritans

Citizens Advice Bureau Orkney

Citizens Advice Bureau  (CAB)



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  1. I live in North Ronaldsay but I don’t find it to be particularly lonely. In fact I’m less lonely here than I was when I lived in Edinburgh.
    There are days that it’s a struggle to get work done because folk come by for a chat!

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