SEPA Records 6 Year High for Scottish Businesses

The latest report by SEPA shows Scottish regulated businesses achieved a six year high, with 91.7% of sites recorded as ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, or ‘Broadly Compliant’.

HIAL Inverness Airport is among 59 businesses in Scotland listed, however, who are rated ‘very poor’ for environmental compliance.

The Dounreay Nuclear facility was recorded as ‘Poor’.

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens said:


John Finnie MSP, Scottish Green Party

“It is encouraging to see an overall improvement in environmental compliance from businesses and organisations in the Highlands and Islands and across Scotland. This is due in no small part to the thoroughness of SEPA staff across the country and they deserve to be commended for that.

“The recent SEPA enforcement in the Cromarty Firth – halting the movement of two oil rigs – was a great illustration of them taking prompt and robust action to protect our precious environment. It is clear this has been happening across the country, in conjunction with businesses, culminating in today’s positive results.

“There are a number of extremely concerning issues that come out of the SEPA figures which shows the need for continued vigilance. I am astounded to see that HIAL Inverness Airport, which is owned by Scottish Ministers, has again been rated ‘very poor’. The Scottish Government and its various organisations must lead by example and I will be taking this issue up with Ministers when parliament returns next week.

“It is no surprise to see Dounreay listed among poor performers, yet this is still extremely concerning. I would hope that complying with environmental regulation would be the number one priority for the operators of a decommissioning nuclear plant and I will be raising my serious concerns with the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.”

Orkney Results  SEPA Compliance Reports (the figures refer to 2016)

Fish Farm: Balfour septic tanks, Point of Dishan, Shapinsay: excellent

Fish Farm: Bay of Cleat North MCFF, Westray: excellent

Fish Farm: Bay Of Ham MCFF, Rousay Sound: good

Fish Farm: Bay of Meil MCFF, Shapinsay Sound:excellent

Fish Farm: Bay Of Vady MCFF, Sound of Rousay: good

Big Breck Quarry, Twatt, Orkney: Very poor

Boardhouse WTW, Birsay, Orkney: Excellent

Crantit Dairy: excellent

Cursiter Quarry:excellent

Dounby Sewage Treatment Works: excellent

Fish Farm: Eday Sound, East of Bonnie Geos, Eday: excellent

Finstown Main Sewerage Network: poor

Finstown WWTW & EO, Maitland Place, Finstown: excellent

Gairsty Quarry, Quoyloo, Sandwick, Orkney: excellent

Hatston Recycling Centre, Kirkwall, Orkney: excellent

Head of Work STW, St Ola, Orkney: excellent

Highland Park Distillery, Kirkwall: excellent

Water Resources: Hillhead Phase 1 , Deerness, Orkney: good

Kingsdale LFS, Firth, Orkney: excellent

Kirbister WTW Outfall 6: poor

Fish Farm:Kirk Noust MCFF, Rousay Sound: poor

Kirkwall Sewerage Network: excellent

Lunnon Quarry, Pierowall, Westray, Orkney: very poor

Lyness STW: excellent

Fish Farm:Lyrawa Bay MCFF, Hoy: excellent

Lyron Sewage Treatment Works: excellent

New Firth School: excellent

OIC Blossom Quarry LFS, Rousay, Orkney: excellent

OIC Bossack Landfill, Bossack, Orkney: excellent

OIC Bossack, CA & WTS, Tankerness: excellent

OIC Chinglebraes 5 TS, St Ola, Orkney: good

OIC Cursiter CASite,Cursiter Quarry, Orkney: excellent

OIC Mitchells Quarry LFS & TS, Stronsay,Orkney: excellent

OIC St Margarets Hope CA site, Orkney: excellent

OIC Stromness CA Site, Garston Ind Est,Orkney: excellent

OIC Westside Road Quarry LFS & TS,Eday,Orkney: excellent

Orkney Aggregates Cement batching, Hatston: excellent

Orkney Aggregates, Crowness Crescent, Hatston: broadly compliant

Orkney Brewery: good

Orkney Cheese Co Ltd, Hatson Ind Est, Orkney: poor

Orphir Community School, Orphir, Orkney: poor

Fish Farm: Pegal Bay MCFF, Rysa Sound: excellent

Prop 9 Sites, Middbigging, Tankerness, Orkney: excellent

Fish Farm: Puldrite MCFF, Wide Firth: poor

Sanday Drying Beds, Sanday, Orkney: very poor

Scapa Distillery, Kirkwall, Orkney: excellent

Skara Brae Visitors Centre: excellent

Fish Farm:South Cava MCFF, Scapa Flow, Orkney: excellent

South House LFS, Tankerness, Orkney: at risk

South Hoy & Flotta Water Treatment Works: excellent

South Ronaldsay Sewerage Network: excellent

St Colms Housing, Longhope, Hoy, Orkney: excellent

St Margarets Hope Main Outfall: excellent

St Marys 5 Water Treatment Works: excellent

Stenness Reed Bed, Stenness, Orkney: poor

Stromness Sewerage Network: excellent

Stromness WWTP: excellent

Fish farm:Toy Ness, Scapa Flow, Orkney: excellent

Fish farm: Veantrow Bay MCFF, Shapinsay: poor

Fish farm: West Glimps Holm MCFF, Scapa Flow, Orkney: excellent

Fish farm: Westerbister MCFF, Scapa Flow, Orkney: excellent

Fish farm:Wyre MCFF, SE of Wyre, Gairsay Sound, Orkney: excellent

The SEPA Enforcement Report states:

climate-change“At the end of March 2016, there were 236 licences which had been assessed as non-compliant for two or more years.

“By the end of March 2017, of the 236 licences, 110 had returned to compliance, two were revoked and one was surrendered.”

Reporter: Fiona Grahame



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