Letters: Stitched Up Yet Again

Dear Orkney News,

envelopeI’ve just listened to Bertie Armstrong, Fishermen’s Federation and John Lamont, MP (Tory) stuttering and stammering their way through interviews with Gary Robertson as they unsuccessfully tried to justify the current state of the Brexit Agreement. To Bertie Armstrong I would also remind him of a fact of which he’s fully aware, Ministers from the Devolved Scottish Parliament have never, ever taken part in the annual EU quota talks and not for the want of trying.

One other thing where Bertie’s tunnel vision fails to see or even acknowledge is this, the Scottish Government has to look after the whole of the Scottish economy and that includes the very important fish catching and not forgetting the processing sector. Bertie is also fully aware that while it is currently correct, membership of the EU is an SNP aim but he also knows full well that it comes with very thick ‘red-lines’ under the present CFP & CAP.

John Lamont, MP waffled, stuttered and avoided every question put to him but he did give this answer to the final question as to where his loyalties lay. He replied, “My first loyalty is to my Constituents, 2nd is to supporting our fishermen and lastly to the continuation of our Conservative Government.” Let me translate this Tory ‘double-speak’ for you, “I will do whatever PM (Puppet Mistress) Foster tells me.” It’s 1921/22 and Carson all over again – DUP Rules OK.”

And still no mention of Gibraltar

Yours, Charlie Gallagher, Shetland

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