A Job Well Done : Shed for Blue Door

By Nick Morrison

An update from Orkney Men’s Shed

The Orkney Men’s “Shedders” reckon  the shed for the Blue Door  will be ready to move Tuesday after next.
shed for Blue Door 2 N Morrison

Peter putting the finishing touches to his doors

As you can see from the pics the roof is now 95% complete.
shed for Blue Door 3

Tim stitching the roof panels together with special selftapper bolts

There is some trim work and masticing of external gaps but that’s about the measure of it.

This has been a big project for The Men’s Shed. We are looking forward to its installation at the Blue Door so we can get on with installing 3 work stations and a much needed log burning stove to keep the chill off the workshop. We have plenty of offcuts and sawdust to keep it running!

Another thing that’s waiting on   our completion of the  shed is replacing the gutter on the Orkney Men’s Shed to stop the  neighbour’s garden flooding. We have had guttering and down pipes donated but getting the necessary scaffolding down from the roof space and past the shed will be difficult.

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