The Kirkwall 700

By Nick Morrison

Even though she is named Kirkwall 700 , this sea going crane is a rare visitor to Kirkwall.

Kirkwall 700 Nick 1

Lately she has been employed at the “Falls of Warness” moving 200 ton blocks of concrete for the Marine renewable’ s activity there.

That is done with the green hydraulic  ” grab” seen in the pic.

She is normally towed into position by the “Green Isle” as she has no independent motive power. With the strong currents there , up to 9 Knots un-mooring demands a high degree of professionalism from all concerned.

The Kirkwall as her name implies can lift 700 tons.


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  1. I saw this way our one morning last week. Thanks for the info Nick, I thought it was a huge bouncy castle!!!

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