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Orkney Islands Council, alongside Police colleagues, are appealing to residents in the Kirklands Road and Quoybanks Cresent area of Kirkwall to be careful when they are parking, following issues with the town bus accessing the area.

Drivers parking on both sides of the road, particularly at the corner of Kirklands Road/Quoybanks Cresent, are creating an obstruction for larger vehicles, including the town service bus and emergency service vehicles, trying to access and serve this area.

Kirklands Road

This issue is particularly problematic first thing in the morning between 08:00 and 09:00 and in the early evening with more residents home at these times – however issues are also arising during the middle of the day and at weekends.

In the interests of safety and to ensure that the community can continue to be served by the Kirkwall town service bus, people in the area are being asked where possible, to help prevent parking on both sides of the roads. The main pinch point appears to be on the corner of Kirklands Road/Quoybanks Crescent, adjacent to the bus shelter and drivers are being urged to use the car park opposite instead of parking in this area.

Laura Cromarty,OIC Transport Manager  said:

“This area has been well served by public transport over the years and therefore we are reluctant to see any reductions in service. However, it is becoming more and more problematic for the bus to access this area, with damage being caused on some occasions and there are also concerns that emergency service vehicles may also have difficulty gaining access through this area. We’d also ask drivers not to park on the speed cushions, as this restricts the visibility of oncoming drivers.”

Chief Inspector Matthew Webb, Area Commander for Police Scotland, said:

“I visited the area with transport colleagues from Orkney Islands Council and spoke with local residents to experience the issues first hand. I recognise the challenges which navigating the narrow streets can present when balanced against residents’ parking needs.

“However, I would urge motorists to make use of off road parking where possible and avoid leaving cars near to corners where they can restrict the passage of the local bus service.”

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