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Launched in Dundee by Police Scotland, Trauma Teddies, are handknitted comforters for children who have experienced an upsetting incident. The teddies, made and donated by the public are kept in the Police car for when they are needed.

Tayside Police worked with Children 1st on the scheme which originated with Australian firefighters.

Knitted teddies can be handed into any Police Station for the attention of Longhaugh Community Team or to Children 1st, 47 Blinshall Street, Dundee. DD1 5DF.

Inspector Chris Boath, Longhaugh Locality inspector, said:

“We have been stunned by the response we have received from the knitters of the area, and can only ask you to please keep them coming, we can never have enough of them.

“Such has been the response, that in conjunction with Children 1st, we are creating ‘Starter Packs’ for distribution across the country to other Community Teams who have expressed an interest in running schemes of their own.

“Thank you again to everyone who has contributed, for your generosity and your time.”

For further information: e-mail

Knitted/Crochet Trauma Teddy Pattern Instructions

Design guidelines

These simple guidelines explain the design requirements for hand-made trauma teddies.

Your interest in supporting this project is greatly appreciated. In order to comply with recommendations provided by Police Scotland Legal Department and to ensure good Health and Safety practice, we request that all donations of teddies adhere to the following guidance:

  1. Donations must be hand-knitted and meet the pattern specifications provided.
  2. Teddies must not include buttons, zips or anything else which could be accidentally or forcibly removed.
  3. Seams must be securely fastened. Should access be gained to any fibrous filling material within the teddy through a seam, this may present a choking risk if swallowed. Seams should be tension-tested to ensure they are as secure as possible.
  4. Prior to their distribution, pre-prepared labels will be attached to each donated teddy, advising of the need to take care of the item, given that this has been hand-made. Labels will be provided to Police Scotland by Children 1st and attached with string to the teddy.

Trauma teddy knitting pattern


Double knitting wool 1 pair size 11 knitting needles, head and paws (preferably fawn), scarf (should be bright).

Stuffing – please only stuff teddy with polyester or other healthy padding. Foam rubber is NOT recommended.

Cast on 10 stitches main colour. Knit 10 rows.

Continue in garter stitch for 30 rows in trouser colour. Make another leg in the same way.

Knit across all 20 stitches and work 16 rows. Change to jumper colour and knit 24 rows.

Change to main colour for head and also change to stocking 5 ½ inches.

Change to jumper colour and knit 24 rows.

Continue remainder of Teddy in reverse order.

Stitch down the sides of the head. With jumper colour, pick up 8 stitches either side of the neck join (16 in all) and knit 20 rows.

Change to main colour and knit 10 rows for paws.

Sew up Teddy leaving opening in crotch.

Turn right side out and sew diagonal top corners for ears before stuffing.

After stuffing, run a thread through the knitting around the neck to draw it in.

Sew a happy face and for mouth use either stem stitch or back stitch.

Scarf : Cast on 75 stitches. Knit 4 rows and cast off. Tie scarf on Teddy the back of the neck, close to the jumper edge. Don’t sew down at the front.

Trauma Teddy Crochet Pattern

Made using  8ply acrylic, and a 4mm hook.

All dc rows start with a turning chain (ch1) unless otherwise stated.

IN white, ch 11.

Dc in second ch from hook, dc across (10 stitches)

Dc the next   14 rows, break yarn.

Join the colour you are using for your shorts. Dc across for 5 rows, break yarn and finish off.

Do this again for the other leg, but instead of breaking yarn, dc back across this leg, and dc across the first leg you made to join them.  (20 stitches)

dc across for another  6 rows

Change to shirt colour.

dc across for 10 rows.

Dc 20, ch 9

Turn and dc into the second ch from the hook. Dc into the next 7 ch, dc across your dc’s, and chain 9

Turn work and dc in second ch from hook. Dc in next 7 chains and dc all the way across.

Dc the next 7 rows.

Dc 28, ch1 turn and dc 20.

Join your white yarn, and dc 17 rows, break yarn and finish off.

Make another of these, sew your face, onto one side, then with the pieces together (face side in) Sew around your teddy, leaving the top of his head open.

Turn it out the right way and stuff . whipstitch through the front loops along the top of his head for a nice nearly invisible join. Using white yarn, running stitch a line to form triangle ears on the top corners of his head.

Pattern from Cook, Craft, Cope




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