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SgathaichTime for the one I am most interested in. Nintendo had an amazing year in 2017. The Switch became the fastest selling console in the history of the world and their E3 presentation last year was widely accepted as the best and that they won E3 (then again I’ve seen all fandoms make that claim during the live feeds).

With the First year of the Switch now behind us this E3 will let us see into what they have planned through its second year and maybe into its third.

So time to sit down and see what Nintendo have in store.

18! Ok that must be precautionary cause you don’t often think of Nintendo as 18, then again Bayonneta is on the console maybe we see more of her.

And right away COOL MECHS, a rocking metal sound track as mechs battle on the ground and in the air, some times  in the air fighting bigger ones on the ground. Daemon X Machina. Not what you would expect to start a Nintendo event.

Watch: DAEMON X MACHINA – Official Game Trailer – Nintendo E3 2018

Next up is a trailer for DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Seems it’s going back the way to the Aeigis War and we see Adam’s face for the first time. I enjoyed Xenoblade 2 so that should be interesting.

Next we see Reggie. He is talking about the already announced new Pokemon games Lets Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. I’m still not sure about this one given its connections to Pokemon Go style play.

Next up we go into another video, we see a group of 4 friends playing a game, and it’s a new Mario Party. Big highlight for me is that Bowser is one of the party guests meaning he’s playable (I like gaming’s best dad) but other than that the party games aren’t my thing but it did have some interesting features, such as using multiple switches to make bigger screens for the mini games.

Watch: Super Mario Party – E3 2018 Trailer (NintendoSwitch)

Next up we see a map, multiple flags and this being a Nintendo Direct means FIRE EMBLEM! We see medieval armies clash in a rain storm and the art style that is now instantly recognizable to me as Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem Three houses, most likely means 3 mean factions in the game or groups vying for power, we see a bit about who the leads may be but they  most likely will be more revealed later, what I did take away from this is that multiple people were fighting at once in combat rather than just a individual.

Watch: Fire Emblem: Three Houses – E3 2018 Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Next up, as revealed earlier Fortinute is coming to the Switch and is available… oh later today (as in time of writing this).

Now back to Reggie as she shows us some new indie titles coming to the Switch. Overcooked 2, Killer Queen Black and Hollow Knight all showing that indie titles have found a place on the Switch (I hear it’s also because of issues with Steams quality control, or lack there  of).

Watch: Killer Queen Black – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo E3 2018

Next is a short announcement of a demo of Octopath Traveler.

This is followed by a few minutes of titles that are coming soon, some I’m looking very much forward to such as Starlink which has been shown with Star Fox characters exclusive to the Switch (it was unveiled a the Ubisoft conference)

Now we get into the main focus of the Direct  – Smash Brothers. It is introduced to us by Masahiro Sakurai the man who brought us Nintendo’s iconic character fighter. They start by showing us the characters, we see the ones we already knew about like the Inklings and Breath of the Wild Link as well as more and more returning characters… OH THEY BROUGHT BACK SOLID SNAKE.. WAIT… THEY ARE ALL BACK! EVERY SMASH BROTHERS CHARACTER IS IN THIS GAME, EVERYONE, EVEN THOSE MISSED OUT BY THE LAST GAMES! yeah I’m excited for this. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Now its going over some of the changes to the characters. We see Mario now has Cappy, Link has the Breath of the Wild outfit. Some characters final smashes have been changed. Characters that were basically clones are now referred to as Echo characters and now we see Daisy as an echo character ( I have a friend in Texas who is very happy).

We now see more items, Smash trophies a bit on how they work, as well as returning stages. Seems like this is a love letter to the franchise and bringing back basically everything (let’s see the Melee obsessed fools complain about this one… they probably still will).

But it seems to be winding down now…. wait there’s one more thing?

We see Samus Mario and Megaman walking along a metal walkway, then something takes Megaman out… that tail! OH MY YES… YEEEESSSS YEESSSS YEESSSSS! RIDLEY IS PLAYABLE! (for those that don’t know he was heavily wanted by fans to be in the game but constantly got rejected for being too big) RIDLEY! RIDLEY! YES YES FINALLY ANOTHER METROID CHARACTER! HIS FINAL SMASH LOOKS EPIC AND BADASS.

Watch: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – E3 2018 – Nintendo Switch

Of course as the awesomeness of the Ridley reveal dies down I’m left with the unfortunate knowledge that that’s it. There were many things I wanted to see here but weren’t shown. That Yoshi game from last year, a Kingdom Hearts port to name 2. I feel a little let down, not sad but disappointed and wanting more. Rewatching the section of games coming helped remind me there are plenty of games coming this year plus the knowledge that Nintendo Directs happen all year round. It was good, but not as good as last years, but then last year they had to prove the Switch was amazing and they did, this one feels lacking in that needed energy, still good and things to look forward to but not that surge from 2017.

Hope you have enjoyed these, but check out the conferences yourself and make your own minds up, these were just my opinions and you should always look to making your own, well I need to get to replaying Mario Bros 3.


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