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SgathaichThe Microsoft Xbox Event proved much better than expected, it was a marked improvement over last year. After that I watched some of the other conferences, Square, Ubisoft (which was also rather good – woo StarFox). Now its time for another one of the big hitters Sony with the Playstation… I would be doing this live as I did with Microsoft BUUUUT they held it at 2am and as dedicated as I am for this, I needed my sleep so I’m doing this first thing in the morning (even avoiding chats so I don’t get spoiled).

Starting with a starry backdrop, then various odd figures (only one apparently human) playing musical instruments. A weird cute robot like thing saying hello. OK it’s maybe just a warm up thing as it’s saying the media showcase will begin soon, but it’s still worth commenting on.

Now it starts proper, with Shawn Layden, making a reference to Kingsmen to lighten the mood, doing it set in a tent. Notably different from the others as they started out with a trailer. Here Shawn is on stage first warming up the crowd before welcoming… ok I can’t spell that name so not going to try, but he comes out playing a banjo/ukulele.

The performance ends and the first trailer starts with music in a similar style, even visuals somewhat resembling the tent they were in. A scene set in a sort of country music festival, a dance. A few lines implying something unusual about patrols. OOh same sex kiss. Then transitioned into  the young lady having to kill a man by stabbing him in the neck. And that leading into proper game play footage rather than just a cutscene. They are spending a good deal of time on this one, and I think I know why. After the brutal stealth action it returns to the kiss and the title expectedly is revealed – The Last of Us II.

Now a brief intermission as people talks with Shawn Layden. Not much but a new game plus for God of War.

Now into Call of Duty.  Showing a bunch of different environments by a bullet flying from one to another. wait… they did a trailer… for preorder dlc… SIGH.

Then back to talking, seems it’s still an intermission. And they are now talking about Black Ops.

Now moving to highlights, all a little disjointed not flowing together like the Xbox one so far, maybe when it starts proper it will be better.

Now onto a new franchise for Sony. And never mind its destiny, something destroyed by manipulative lootboxs. One of the modern day warnings against games being altered to insentivise micro transactions.

Ok it starts for real… for real.. confusing I know, and it starts with a weird bamboo instrument player.  And NOW it starts…

A very Japanese feel of this game, matching the music that was played earlier. A katana wielding man walks forward, not an armoured soldier but a man. He walks up a hill to see a grassland landscape. I will say Sony are showing more of Gameplay than Xbox did. Ghost of Tsushima. Very much capturing the samurai feel even a sun set sword fight.

Watch: Ghost of Tsushima – E3 2018 Gameplay Debut | PS4

Next trailer, woman standing in a door way but the place she is in, and the gun she is holding seem not normal. The gun and room shifting as if moving blocks. Bodies floating in the air. Surrealist but with a realistic style visual –  Control.

Watch: Control – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

A flickering light, first person perspective but very low down, possibly mouse sized. Then zooming out to see that you were the rat while two people fight you are crushed to death. But  suddenly the officer is bitten brutally in the neck, the other man a zombie! and in comes Leon. Yes its the Resident Evil 2 remake we had been hearing about. Shadowed images of Lickers and Mr X yep Resident evil 2, nice.

Seems those figures from earlier are used for short intermissions.

Now a game from the co creator of Rick and Morty. And it’s very weird – Trover Saves the Universe.

Watch: Trover Saves the Universe – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4, PS VR

Next Kingdom Hearts 3 again, but this time a different trailer. the trailer this time using Pirates of the Caribbean

And now… an unborn baby… I’m not joking. Oh wait, it’s a Kojima game, maker of Metal Gear Solid back when it was good. A man pulling cargo over vast terrains as a somber song sings, all alone bar what seems to be some small robot.  His body bruised, blistered, and then one of the packages is clearly human shaped. He stops, and foot prints of some beast appear in the mud, invisible creatures. OK this definitely has the Kojima weirdness going, I’m not going to spoil it but yeah a fair few WTF moments. Death Stranding.

Watch: Death Stranding – E3 2018 4K Trailer | PS4

Next one, more samurai this time from Team Ninja as he is soon attacked by fiery demons –  Nioh 2

And now Spiderman as he fights what I assume is Electro. Mainly cause of all the lightning. There is a lot of buzz about this game and Spider seems to be facing a prison break. Very good webspinning action over a collapsing complex and more villains, always good to see bits that you would think are cutscenes to actually be gameplay.

Watch: Marvel’s Spider-Man – E3 2018 Showcase Demo Video | PS4

Now a new game being announced by from software for Playstation VR. A sort of VR story fairy tale feel with Decine.

The rest is just gameplay and going over things so nothing much more to announced.

IT was definitely different from the Xbox one, first in presentation in that it showed much more of gameplay than trailers and all the games got more focus on them, the weird start where it switched buildings threw me off it though and I wasn’t too happy about that, Microsoft’s feeling much more cohesive and easy to follow. Still definitely some things for Sony gamers to enjoy. Join me next time where I get to Nintendo.

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