Fine Art and Textile 4th Year Degree Exhibition:

After we reported on the second and third year students exhibition at the weekend, we popped back along on Monday evening; to take some photos from the fourth year degree exhibition. This turned out to be a solo exhibition by Beccy May who, as the lone fourth year student studying her Fine Art and Textile BA Hons, had been given the entire main hall to showcase her work.

Beccy May (52) has studied for her degree, full time over the four years, but was telling us that when younger the choice of career came down to studying  Psychology or Fine Art, but when a careers officer suggested she should stick to Art, as if that were all she was capable of; it spurred her on to pass the exams needed, enabling Beccy to set her career down the Psychology path which she loved and did for many years.

Behind it though her love for Fine Art did not diminish, so when the opportunity arose to enable her to go back and study for her Fine Art and Textile Degree she did so.

We caught up with Beccy May on Tuesday evening when we recorded this short interview.


Here is a slideshow of Beccy’s exhibition..




Her exhibition is open to the public  2018-06-19 17.46.58

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Reported on by Helen Armet

Photography by Kenny Armet



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