Shetland Workers Vote for Industrial Action

unite the unionWorkers at the  Total E&P Shetland Gas Plant who are members of Unite the union have today ,Friday 22 June, voted for industrial action.

The vote was 96.8 % in support of industrial action on a 96.9 % turnout.

A similar ballot for offshore members who work on the Alwyn, Elgin and Dunbar platforms is to take place over the company proposals to review terms and conditions across its North Sea operations.

The dispute centres on Total’s proposals to move to a three on/three off rota at the Shetland Gas Plant. The three on/three off rota pattern is now worked by 56 %of the workforce offshore, compared with just 17 % working the same pattern in 2007.

John Boland, Unite regional industrial officer, said:

The emphatic support for industrial action by Unite members at Total E&P Shetland Gas Plant will add to the mounting pressure on the company to get back round the negotiating table. If Total E&P continue this counter-productive and intransigent path to enforce three week shift rotas then this will inevitably lead to widespread disruption across its operations.” 

The price of a barrel of oil fell from between $110 and $120 during 2011-2014 to around $25 a barrel in early 2016.  Brent crude (sourced from the North Sea) is currently at $74.64 per barrel.

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