School Book Amnesty

As the schools are about to go on holiday Stromness Academy are asking people to look about their house for any books belonging to the school.

Orkney Photographic © (01856) 873574

Frances Sinclair Stromness Academy’s School Librarian with gaps in the book shelves

Maths books seem to have been particularly hit hard. For example 100 ‘Maths National 5’ textbooks were purchased in 2016 – with 25 of these having not been returned to the school over those two years – at £20 a book.

Stromness Academy will be open over the holidays where books can be returned.

Graeme Horne Acting Business Manager at Stromness Academy said:

“The school has found that there’s been a significant depletion of our book stocks across all departments and in the library too – and we’d really like to see these books back in the school for our current pupils to use and enjoy.

 “We’d like folk to take a look around their homes – even if their children left school some time ago –  and see if they do have any Stromness Academy books. usually it’s a result of pupils forgetting to return a book or putting the return off. Even if each family finds they have just one book, then the returning of all of these could make such a huge difference to the school.”

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