Tankerness House Garden

Situated in the centre of Kirkwall is the wonderful garden at Tankerness House. Accessible during museum opening times the walled garden is a sheltered and peaceful retreat from the bustle of the town.

Tankerness House Garden 1

You can enter either through the museum or by the gate in Tankerness House Lane.

Tankerness House Museum

This time of year the garden is at its best with many of the shrubs in full bloom and attracting bees and other pollinators.

The Groatie Hoose has a prominent position and is made up of what is said to have been the ballast from Pirate Gow’s ship. At one time you could go in the Groatie Hoose but a spate of vandalism means that peedie bairns can no longer enjoy that wee adventure.

Groatie Hoose Tankerness House Gardens

It was also disappointing to see that the remembrance garden for little babies born prematurely and who have passed away has also got a bit of damage. Tucked away it is a quiet place of contemplation for bereaved parents but sadly it was the one part of the garden where there was litter and debris. This must cause heartache to those parents who visit there to remember their little one.

Garden of remembrance Tankerness House Gardens

There’s quite a variety of plants, trees and shrubs in the Garden and many paths disappearing in amongst them which children and adults like to explore.

For budding archaeologists it is also the place to spot in walls and in the ‘rockery’ many pieces of red and yellow sandstone probably from the Bishop’s Palace.

You can watch The Orkney News livestream on its Facebook page  when we visited  the garden on Friday.

Tankerness House Garden 4

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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