“If Tavish Scott had been that concerned he could have picked up the phone” Unite

unite the unionUnite the union is disappointed by a statement issued by Shetland Liberal Democrat MSP Tavish Scott criticising their industrial action at Aberdeen airport.

Without contacting the union Tavish Scott has suggested that NHS patients travelling from Orkney and Shetland  will be affected by the strike action which was overwhelmingly endorsed by Unite members.

Unite Scottish secretary, Pat Rafferty said:

 “Unite is disappointed that Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has today (12 July) chosen to approach the media regarding strike action by workers at Aberdeen Airport suggesting it will affect NHS patients living in Orkney and Shetland, without discussing the details of the dispute first with a Unite representative.”

“It is clearly not Unite’s intention to put life or limb in danger and if essential services that require dispensation are necessary, we will have those discussions with the relevant parties involved in the dispute.”

“As of today no one from the company involved in the dispute has approached Unite to seek dispensation.”

“If Tavish Scott had been that concerned he could have picked up the phone and would have been told that we have a meeting at ACAS on Monday.

“We would urge the company to come to the table with a sensible offer that can be put to our members to resolve the dispute.”

24 hour action is planned by Unite at Aberdeen airport for 20th of July, 2nd of August and 16th of August

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  1. Simple instructions: Engage brain, open mouth.

    As for UNITE, in one sense Tavish is correct as a lot of patients travel by commercial flights and only ‘Full Emergencies’ are carried by Air Ambulance or Coastguard. So, it’s possible that operations or return home have been affected. Again it shows to both Tavish and Pat Rafferty both need to be absolutely certain of all the ‘FACTS’ before saying anything.

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