Strike Action on North Sea Platforms

unite the unionStrikes on the North Sea Platforms operated by Total E&P  have taken place today, Monday, by members of Unite the Union.

There will be further action on the three platforms affected (Alwyn, Dunbar and Elgin).

24 Hour Stoppages 
• Starting at 06.00 hours on 6 August and 20 August.

12 Hour Stoppages 
• Starting at 12.00 hours on 30 July and 13 August.

A continuous ban on overtime has also been enforced.

John Boland, Unite regional officer  said:

“We can confirm that the strike action on Alwyn, Dunbar and Elgin platforms has gone ahead as planned. Production has been stopped and the wells have been shut.

“Although no further talks are planned at present we would urge the company to come back to us with an improved offer to get our members back to work and the wells up and running again.”

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