Scottish Government Dithers Over Coul Links Decision

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens, has called on the  Scottish Government to Stop Prevaricating on Coul Links.

A proposed development which would include a golf course was controversially passed by Highland Council going against the advice of not only their own officials but also several wildlife and conservation organisations. Coul Links: Ramsar status; the UK government has failed in it’s obligations.

Coul Beach and single visitor


Ministers in the Scottish Government have decided to extend their consideration on whether to call in the Coul Links planning application.

John Finnie said:

John Finnie

John Finnie MSP, Scottish Greens

“The proposed golf development at Coul Links presents a significant threat to a nationally and internationally protected site on the shores of Loch Fleet.

“Highland Council’s North Planning Committee completely ignored the environmental evidence and it is therefore vital that the Scottish Government step up and call in this proposal, which its own natural heritage agency objected to.

“Allowing this proposal to go ahead, in the face of all the evidence, would completely undermine environmental designations across Scotland.

“I have been inundated with correspondence from constituents in the Highlands and Islands, over 1300 to date, opposed to this environmental vandalism.”

“Before parliament went into recess the First Minister assured me that –

‘It is our intention to honour obligations that currently arise from EU membership, but we have been clear in our resolve not to see environmental protections or other protections downgraded as a result of Brexit.’

“In light of this commitment it is difficult to understand the need for a delay, when this development threatens international obligations such as the Ramsar Convention, and I once again urge the Scottish Government to stop prevaricating on this issue and call in the application without further delay.”

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