‘The Orkney Experience’ is THE BUSINESS!

By Bernie Bell

It’s on Junction Road in Kirkwall – you can’t miss it, as it has a big ‘Odin Stone’ outside.

It’s  a very visual experience, so I’ll just throw some photos at you with a bit of commentary.

You start in Viking-land, where there is an impressive wall hanging by the big feasting table.

Orkney Experience Viking  B Bell

There are Viking clothes to try on, helmets to wear …

Orkney Experience Viking M Bell  B Bell 2

…….and swords to wield.

There’s an ‘illusion’ picture, where Magnus, morphs into Einar

 Are those mini-Vikings, sailing in the Brides’ cog?

Orkney Experience Brides Cog B Bell

There’s some more recent history in this room, too, with a ‘horse’ and carriage, possibly associated with Trumland House on Rousay

Orkney Experience horse and carriage B Bell

Photos and books from the past, and a cosy corner by the fireplace.

Then….it got weird

Orkney Experience B Bell perspective

In this room, you can play with perspective, levitate over a chasm…

Orkney Experience Levitation B Bell

……encounter Vikings, sit under a waterfall (without getting wet), or on a Sanday beach. You don’t have to be there, to be there.

Then through to a more magicy place, where you are greeted by a fairy

Orkney Experience fairy B Bell

and can, if needed, visit the Hitchhiker’s toilet in a galaxy far, far away.


What’s happening here?

Orkney Experience Thing on Floor B Bell

Mike and I plighted our troth through the Odin Stone

Orkney Experience Odin Stone B and M Bell

Followed by me jiving with a Trowie,

Orkney Experience jiving with a trowie B Bell

And the fairy turned up for the party, too

Orkney Experience fairy at the party B Bell

In all these rooms, you can take your time and make the most of being there. Our guide was Tony, the owner, who did much of the art-work himself – he used to work for The Beano!!!!  Other pieces were done by various people, including this beauty

Orkney Experience mythical horse B Bell

– and I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the lady who painted it!  I should have written her name down – call myself an Orkney News reporter!

Once again, I’m amazed at the wealth of talent we have here on Orkney.

Tony gives some guidance, mentioning things you might otherwise miss, but is happy to leave you to play, as well.

‘The Orkney Experience’ hasn’t been open long, and, only a couple of weeks ago, they found this little chap, tucked into the hole in the Odin Stone outside

He’s now in the reception area, waiting to travel on to Dundee at the end of the holidays.  Another example of these cheery little painted stones which bring people together, and bring a smile to your face, when you find one.

‘The Orkney Experience’ is a lot of fun, a bit of a puzzle, and a VERY GOOD THING!  For anyone coming to Orkney for the Science Festival in September, there is Science in there too, if you think about it.

Tony also does caricatures, for £10 each – which is pretty reasonable, for a unique piece of work.  I didn’t chance it as, well, I’m not sure I want to see a caricature of myself – a wee bit too close to ‘seeing myself as others see me’!  For that matter, I should imagine Tony would do a caricature, if you just wanted to call by for that, independent of having the whole ‘experience’ – I do recommend the whole experience though – I recommend it strongly!

‘The Orkney Experience’ is open ……

9am to 6pm (Sunday 10 – 5)
Adults £6.50
1st child £3.00 (child age 3 to 16)
Additional children £2.00
Under 2’s free…
Family ticket £18.00 (2 adults 3 children)
Season tickets £50 (2 adults 3 children up to 6 visits per year)
Discounts applicable for groups of 5+
‘Local’ discount on proof of address and for tour guide groups.

And it’s A GAS!

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