The Orkney Science Festival 2018

By Bernie Bell

The Orkney Science Festival runs from the 6th to the 12th September, and the programmes are available NOW!  I know this is so, because Mike came home with one, yesterday evening. Or, on line at

The Science Fest. is  participating in  Scotland’s Year of Young People. To find out more about this, visit….

My eyes were too tired to read the programme properly yesterday evening –  today, I will peruse, and choose.

I did notice the name Hildegard of Bingen – I am a big fan of Hildegard, her music and her philosophy – I listen to my c.d’s of her music, when I need to calm my brain!  So, that will probably be one event we’ll be at.

Fact is – there’s so much  choice, it’s just about impossible  for me to attempt to cover it all, here!

I will mention that I look forward to meeting with the Moon!  An event/installation/thingy which runs from the 6th to the 16th September at Stromness Academy – have a look –

Things do link up, and this morning, I received an email from Howie ( Firth) with this link to a performance of music by a singer/composer from Ireland who is coming to the Festival this year with his quartet of musicians. Another tempting event.  There are so many, this is just a ‘taster’ – have a look at the programme – peruse, and choose for yourself.

What a place to live!

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  1. Every time this comes up I think I must do an Astronomy talk at the next one. And always forget.

  2. A song for Dublin composed by Lorcán Mac Mathúna in the year of the commemoration of the battle of Clontarf. The walls of Dublin celebrates the communities of Dublin, and its history.

    This World Premiere was performed in St. Michan’s Church, Dublin during the Temple Bar Trad Fest 2014.

    • It’d be interesting to hear that. They should do Brian Boru’s March Too.
      Next year I’ll apply to do an introductory Astronomy talk, or one on The Perseus Myth In The Sky.

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