Set in Stone by Deeanna Foran

Set in Stone Northlight StromnessSet in Stone – a week long exhibition of poetry turned into pottery, by Stromness artist Deeanna Foran – opens on Saturday 25th August at Northlight Gallery in Stromness.

Seventeen year old Deeanna has produced a collection of ceramic pieces which fuse her talent for writing and her newly found skills in ceramics.

The exhibition, which is the result of work undertaken alongside mentor Elaine Henderson, has been a very personal journey for Deeanna who has Autism:

“Growing up with Autism isn’t easy, but my poetry gives me an outlet for expressing myself in my own way. Poetry is a coping mechanism for me.

I started pottery sessions with Elaine last year, as part of my work with the Connect Project, and put a piece of my poetry onto clay, just to try it.”

From that first piece of work Deeanna has continued using imagery to complement her writing – resulting in this unique collection of pottery.

“Ever since I was little I enjoyed reading and writing – to me, poetry is a small way of practising my love of writing.

“At first I was unsure about pottery. When I was first introduced to Elaine I was quite nervous because it was something new and I knew pottery involved getting dirty, which I don’t like. The idea of the feeling of the clay didn’t appeal to me.

“It turned out to be much more interesting than expected and I began to realise working with clay is so much more than pots and vases.

“My Autism makes it difficult for me to understand why people do certain things, but as time went on I started to understand why Elaine enjoyed it so much. The whole process of designing and making my own pieces gave me a new look at ways to express myself.”

“Elaine is very patient, calm and a nice person to be around. She has challenged me, broadened my horizons with how I express myself, and has gently nudged me out of my comfort zone with my work.

“My words, alongside the imagery on clay, make what I am saying much clearer – it helps to tell the whole story.

“I feel I have achieved something I didn’t think I’d ever do.”

Set in Stone is in Northlight Gallery, Graham Place, Stromness from Saturday 25th August – Thursday 30th August. 10am – 4pm.

Set in Stone Northlight Stromness

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