The Ness in Pictures – looking a bit different!

By Bernie Bell

It occurred to me – I did the Ness in pictures when the dig was in full swing.  Sending my poem about the closing down of the Ness,  to The Orkney News, with attached photo, and looking at all the photos, prompted me to send the others, too, to make a group of the Ness, as it is now.  It’s a view of the Ness excavations that most folk don’t see, and can be tied  in with the original piece  – which may present an interesting contrast.

And…of course.…it gets in yet another plug for the Ness dig, and possible donations to the Ness, and Orkney Archaeology in general!

Here goes………………

Ness of Brodgar Mike Bell 1Ness of Brodgar Mike Bell 2Ness of Brodgar Mike Bell 3Ness of Brodgar Mike Bell 4Ness of Brodgar Mike Bell 5

All photos by Mike Bell


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