Unite Calls On Its Membership to Reject COSLA Pay Offer

unite the unionUnite the union  will recommend its local government membership reject the revised pay offer from COSLA.

The union will hold a consultative ballot of members in the next few weeks.

COSLA offered a 3 % pay increase for all local government workers earning up to £80,000, rather than the previous threshold of £36,500.

The pay offer favours those on the higher wage scale and is a poor deal for the lowest paid workers

Unite is also requesting that COSLA clarify its ‘commitment’ to parity of pay awards across all bargaining groups in the context of all those employees earning more than £80,000 being offered a flat rate of £1,600.

Charlie Macdonald, the Vice Chair of Unite Scotland’s Local Authority committee said:

“Unite has firmly taken the decision to reject the revised offer by COSLA because in reality it actually means the lowest paid workers in local authorities across Scotland will be in an even worse situation. COSLA should be doing far more to address the issue of low pay not making it comparatively worse, while also addressing a fair pay award for the whole local authority workforce.”

“It’s bizarre for COSLA to talk about parity of pay while offering those over £80,000 a flat rate offer of £1,600. Yet, the reality for some of our poorest paid members is that they are being offered barely more than seven pounds per week more against the backdrop of ten years of austerity. This is simply unacceptable. In the end our members will make a democratic decision but Unite will be balloting them to recommend rejection.”

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