Nick at the Orkney International Science Festival-Hydrogen driving Forward

By Nick Morrison

Hydrogen driving Forward.

Adele Lidderdale (OIC),Jon Clipsham (EMEC) and Nigel Holmes of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association described the progress and plans for Orkney.

Adele ,OIC’s Hydrogen (H2) project officer  gave an overview of Orkney’s progress. We have a H2 filling station at Hatson and 5 OIC vans currently using it. H2 is now an established Orkney export. We have even made H2 direct from tidal power, a World First.

Hydrogen 4

Orkney power production is Surf n Turf and we have been making more electricity than we use for some time currently around 120%.

HYSEAS project, A H” powered ferry is to be built by Fergusons for delivery around 2020.

EMEC has 12 partners in EU countries  together with 2 Island Trusts.

Toyota and Hyundnai both have H2 cars and work is under way on a250 MPG vehicle.

With H2/diesel hybrid trucks being operated by a Scots council H2 buses coming on stream in Scotland H2 is definitely the way forward. Scotland and especially Orkney is leading the way.

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