How to Prepare if the UK Leaves the EU with no deal: Studying and Research

BrexitAs a member of the EU the UK participates in the ERASMUS programme.

ERASMUS is: “the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. The programme provides funding for life-changing international opportunities.”

In 2019 €187 million of European Commission funding will be available to United Kingdom education and youth organisations. This is an increase from 2018 when it was €170m.

The UK Government will continue to  contribute financially to ERASMUS for successful bids in the 2014 – 2020 programme.

“This covers all successful bids for Erasmus+ funding that are submitted before the UK exits the EU, including under the current 2019 Call for Proposals, which was published on 24 October, where planned projects can continue.”

With a no deal Brexit once the current round of applications has concluded UK students and research projects cannot be guaranteed the funding they require.

For projects that cannot continue due to lack of finance they are advised to contact the UK National Agency.

ERASMUS has a budget across the EU of about £12million and through it 4 million people are enabled to train, study, volunteer and research. It allows those doing so to also experience life in other nations and cultures.

Last year Scotland received its highest amount of funding from ERASMUS –  €21m. This went towards a range of projects.

  • €11.4m to Scottish universities
  • €2.3m  to Scottish schools
  • €4.75m to Scottish organisations working in vocational education and training
  • €1.6m  to Scottish organisations working in adult education
  • €756k  to Scottish youth work organisations.

The ERASMUS funding also enabled some of these projects to reach out beyond the EU – to have  exchanges with universities in Brazil, Chile, China, India, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Palestine, South Africa and Thailand.

You can find out more about the UK projects funded through ERASMUS by clicking on this link: ERASMUS statistics

studyingLeaving the EU with no deal puts future projects, research and opportunities for people in Scotland and the UK into great uncertainty after 2020.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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  1. Students wishing to come to Britain to study, are already having problems with their Visa’s.
    What is the point of building a world renowned education system, so that folk want to come to centres of excellence in Britain, then….telling them they can’t, or, that they have to jump through the most ridiculous system of ‘hoops’, to do so?
    And those wishing to travel from Britain, to study in other countries, possibly then bringing their expertise back with them? I refer you to Fiona’s previous article about travel restrictions.
    Strange days, indeed.

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