Poetry Corner: The Doggerels Of Christmas Past

By Richard Wallace

Ribbons and paper lie at the feet

of the cold man asleep in the door

and I just have to say, “It’s a red letter day…..

Merry Christmas, cruel tricks on the poor”.


Busses and taxis add colour and sound

to the scene that plays out at his feet;

and the fat man looks weird in his red coat

and beard as he shuffles his way down the street.


Snow falling down tends to muffle the sound;

that cloud is my mood in the sky.

It’s a short walk up town so I go look around

just to check out the things people buy.


When I think of the joy on my little girl’s face

I’m glad that I stole from that store.

Not a bright thing to do but my spirit held true,

“Merry Christmas, cruel tricks on the poor”.

person in snow

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