Rotary Club Fun Run and Obstacle Course

By Nick Morrison

Saturday morning, 29th of December,  saw the Rotary club Fun Run from the Rugby Club.

Mostly over Corse farm. There were 108 runners for a 5.5 Km course.

Fun Run Nick Morrison

They were started in 2 waves in an effort to avoid undue bunching at the 18 obstacles.  Torquil read out a list of the obstacles with great glee. They rejoiced in such named descriptions as :- Snake pit, Cattle pen, Builders yard and Death slide, it had to be done.

The runners were a spread of ages but mostly in their 20’s.One trio of young lady runners had  a SCS Scaffolding logo of their backs, Scaffolders were never that good looking in my days on building sites!

There was an excellent hot lentil soup with ham rolls waiting for the runners in the rugby club when they finished. It was an ebullient party like atmosphere there at the end, A good day and it was so fun!


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