Training Workshops for Cathedral Graffiti Project Get Underway

By Nick Morrison

Tuesday 22nd saw the explanatory and background talk on the Cathedral’s Graffiti project. Marking the Past: St Magnus Cathedral Project

st magnus cathedral in winter

Graffiti is certainly ancient in its origins. It was found in Pompeii and closer to home on Hadrian’s wall and Maes Howe, and who is to say where “rock art ends and Graffiti starts?

graffiti 2

St Magnus Cathedral was started in 1137 so its been there as a “collector” since then.
Fran Flett Hollinrake, the Custodian of the Cathedral  gave a very brief (Her words!) history of the Cathedral. The same one she gave to all the Bishops and arch bishops who came to Orkney for a commemorative service recently.

graffiti 1

Hayley Green of Orkney Archaeological Society and   Dr Antonia Thomas of Orkney UHI went into the nuts and bolts of the Project. There will be 3 training courses for the 54 people who have volunteered. A 4th course has been pencilled in if it is needed, a waiting list has been started for this. The actual work will be done in 2Hr shifts with  a minimum size of 2 persons.

Your reporter and daughter are amongst the 54 so watch this space.

The first workshop took place on Saturday 26th of January. The next workshops will be on Tuesday 5th of February and Saturday 9th of February.


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