Best Wishes to the People of Hoy Today

March 17th 2019 will mark 50 years since the Longhope Lifeboat Tragedy and the People of Hoy will be welcoming those from the rest of Orkney and further afield to commemorate the heroes who lost their lives.

Longhope Memorial Ian Balcombe

Longhope Memorial credit: Ian Balcombe

It was on a dreadful night in 1969 that the Longhope lifeboat was launched to go to the aid of  the Liberian vessel ‘Irene’ . All eight of the lifeboat crew were lost.

The local community on Hoy raised funds for the Longhope Lifeboat museum and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the tragedy that devastated the small close knit community.

” Built in 1906, the principle aim of this maritime museum, is to tell the historical story of the old lifeboat station, the powerful events and rescues at sea and to remember former crew members. “

A go fund me page was set up : Longhope Lifeboat Museum Appeal  with a target of £30,000. The appeal closed at just under £50,000.

Longhope Appeal

The men who died on that fateful night were:

Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick

Second Coxswain James Johnston (son of Mechanic)

Bowman Daniel R Kirkpatrick (son of Coxswain)

Mechanic Robert R. Johnston

Assistant Mechanic James Swanson

Crew Member Robert Johnston (son of Mechanic)

Crew Member John T Kirkpatrick (son of Coxswain)

Crew Member Eric McFadyen




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