The Gin & Ice Cream Diet

By Bernie Bell

I don’t like gin  – I actively dislike it – to me, it’s like drinking perfume.  Mike has been known to indulge, but that was in his past life as a middle-class English person.  I have tried Sloe gin, and didn’t like that either – a bit sickly.  BUT…..a bit before Christmas, we were in Judith Glue’s and there was a gin–tasting table, with free tots of gin, to tempt the punters – and it worked. We both tried a tot of Rock Rose Caithness Gin, and it was gorgeous, as reported at the end of this piece……………

We bought a bottle, and it stood in the cupboard, until yesterday evening when, after my tea, I was ready for the first ice cream of the season as my afters – Orkney Ice Cream, of course!   So, here it is, nicely timed for the warmer weather coming – not exactly a recipe – a bowl of Vanilla Orkney Ice Cream, with a drizzle – just a drizzle, of Rock Rose Caithness Sloe Gin, over it.  Seriously good.  Try it.

I like to spread the good stuff.

ice cream and gin M Bell

Pic by M Bell – delectation by B Bell

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  1. Tut, tut Bernie you know what they say about Gin, ‘Mother’s Ruin’ you’ll be on the slippery slope to ruination now, LOL.

    Have a good Easter.

    PS I will wave to you from Hatston Ferry Terminal when we stop there on Monday evening.

    • I slalomed down that slope, long ago, Charlie! I’m 64 years old tomorrow, and, this morning, was thinking of what I was getting up to, at 16 – GOOD TIMES!

      We’re right across the bay from Hatston – right across – just to the left of Gairsay

      • As I still worship the dreaded ‘weed’ I’ll be out at the stern having a fag as I’ve found it pointless to turn-in then to be rudely awakened by the rattling and banging from the car-deck as we unload and load at Hatston. I usually try and get the ‘direct’ boat but on this occasion, needs must.

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