St George & Asparagus

Happy St George’s Day to all The Orkney News readers in England. St George is revered in many countries across the globe and in many diverse cultures – a patron saint in countries as different as England and Ethiopia. You can also find him in Orkney.

St George and dragon at Italian Chapel by Anne Burgess

St George and the Dragon The statue, depicting the patron saint of soldiers slaying a dragon, which represents misunderstandings between people of different cultures. It was made from barbed wire and cement by Domenico Chiochetti, who later led the decoration of the chapel nearby. Image Anne Burgess

You can read about him here: 9 things you didn’t know about St George

Today is also the official start to the asparagus season in England which only lasts 6 weeks.

To celebrate the start of the season the first-cut Vale of Evesham asparagus is being delivered to  the Chelsea Pensioners.

Asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham has been awarded European (EU) protected food name status which specifically links it to a particular geographical area and indicates a certain level of quality – PGI. British Asparagus Festival 2019

1000 spears will be delivered by a Morgan car & convoy including Gus the Asparagus Man, St. George, Jemima Packington the fortune-telling asparamancer and the man who sings to asparagus. In honour of the event, a pensioner who is also a town crier has written a special ode to asparagus that he will announce.

Asparagus Run 2017 (74)

The Vale of Evesham team will also present the Chelsea gardening group with a freshly-cut crown of asparagus for them to plant in their garden and then a toast will be made with asparagus gin before all 300 pensioners sit down to an asparagus supper.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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